Edwards Vacuum components

NW fittings, otherwise known as ISO-KF, are the industry standard for many applications in the low to high vacuum range. They are ideal for achieving dependable cost effective performance down to 10-7 mbar across a range of applications for the light to harsh duty. A simple fastening method means that systems can be easily assembled and a leak tight vacuum seal is quickly achieved. They are manufactured to ISO 2861 and SIN 28403 standards with nominal diameters from 10 mm to 50 mm.

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  • Clamps
  • Tubes
  • Bellows
  • Flange & Adaptors
  • O rings
  • Elbows
  • Pieces
  • Reducers

Clamping Ring

Hinged Clamp

Swing Clamp

Clamp for Metal Seals

"C" Clamp

Bulkhead Clamp

PVC Hose Clamp

Reinforced PVC Tube with NW Flanges and Hose Clamps

Reinforced PVC Tube

Neoprene Rubber Tube

Moulded Sleeve

Flexible Pipelines

Flexible Bellows

Braided Flexible Exhaust Pipeline

Blanking Flange

Long Flange Weld Stub

Short Flange Weld Stub

Weld Socket Flange for Inch Tube

Adaptor NW/ISO

Adaptor NW/CF

Adaptor NW/ASA with O-Ring Groove

Adaptor NW/ASA without O-Ring Groove

Adaptor NW/NPT Threaded Pipe Male

Adaptor NW/NPT Threaded Pipe Female

Adaptor NW/VCR Male

Adaptor NW/VCR Female

Adaptor PVC Hose

Gauge Tube Adaptor and Compression O-ring


Centring Ring with O-Ring

Centring Ring with Screen

Centring Ring with Optical Baffle

Centring Ring Sintered Filter

Adapting Centring Ring with O-Ring

NW Trapped O-Ring

O-ring (Pack of 5)

O-ring (Pack of 10)

Elbow 45º

Elbow 90º

Long Radius Elbow


Cross Piece

Reducing Cross

Reducing Piece

Reducing T-Piece