Pirani Gauge
(10⁻³ - 10⁻⁴ mbar)


Edwards APG100 series Active Pirani vacuum gauges are available in 2 models. The APG100-XM is the standard model and measures to 10-3 mbar, the APG100-XLC is a corrosion resistant version with measurement to 10-4 mbar.
Both gauges feature compact size for easy installation, a linear output and a replaceable sensor tube. These gauges are compatible with all Edwards TIC instrument controllers and other Active gauge controllers and displays. They are also CSA, C/US approved as well as fully RoHS compliant due to their lead-free construction.

Features and Benefits
• Cable connections and gauge adjustment conveniently located, thereby minimising the space envelope required
for access.
• Sensor tube can be baked to 150 ˚C.
• Adjustable set-point for simple process control and interlocking.
• Remote calibration possible.
• NW16,NW25 and DN16CF flange options for easy connection to vacuum systems.
• Linear output – 1 V per decade for easy interface with vacuum control systems.