Differentially Pumped Viewports

Pump Port

Specifically designed for extreme high vacuum applications such as geochronology, Differentially pumped windows employ all-metal, dual seals, having a port that accesses the resulting cavity between the seals. The port can be attached to an auxiliary pump to extend the vacuum range beyond UHV.
This design has become the standard for geologists studying argon & helium dating.

Window : Zinc Sulphide (CleartranTM)
Carrier : St.St.
Flanges : St.St.

Max. Bakeout Temperature* : 
CF flanged viewports : 200°C
Max. Thermal Gradient : 25°C per minute

Optical properties
Parallelism : <3 arc minutes
Flatness : λ/4
Surface finish : 40/20 scratch/dig
Laser damage threshold : 1J/cm2 for 10ns pulse
Coating : AR coated @ 8-12 microns
* – Assembly rating is reduced to that of the lowest rated component.