Edge Welded Bellows - Unflanged


Edge welded bellows are more suited to applications that require greater flexibility, particularly axial compression and extension. Edge welded bellows are manufactured from a series of formed metal diaphragms welded together. Each diaphragm contributes to the overall extension / compression. More discs means greater extension attainable and also the greater the lateral offset achievable.


• 316L stainless steel as standard for lower cycle requirement applications (typically 10,000 cycles).
• AM350 stainless steel also available for long lifetime (typically 1,000,000 cycles).
• Titanium, Inconel­® or Hastelloy® available on request.
• 304 stainless steel as standard.
• Custom sizes and designs available on request.


Temperature range: 
      – 316L : -250˚C up to 450˚C.      
      – AM350 : -75°C to 450°C.

      – Flanges : 304 or 304L stainless steel as standard. 
      – Bellows : 316L or AM350 stainless steel.