nAIM Penning
Inverted Magnetron
(10⁻² - 10⁻⁹ mbar)

Industrial - Non Industrial

Edwards Active Inverted Magnetron (AIM) Gauges provide accurate measurement over the vacuum range of 1 x 10-2 to 1 x 10-9 mbar. These gauges have proved to be rugged and reliable in a wide range of applications, ranging from scientific instruments to industrial processes.
The AIM-X Gauge is an inverted magnetron gauge head and gauge controller combined into a single compact unit, and features a linear output for easy integration with a computer or PLC.
The XL variants have a very low external magnetic field, these are ideally suitable for use with sensitive analytical instruments or in applications where the gauge needs to be mounted in close proximity to a turbomolecular pump.

Features and Benefits
• Drive electronics combined in the gauge head which reduces the system cost and saves valuable rack space.
• Low output impedance and integral Faraday shield provides high level of noise immunity and permits long
cable runs (up to 100 m).
• Low magnetic field version – XL – for sensitive applications, e.g. mass spectrometry and electron microscopy.
• Interchangeable body tube allows for rapid tube replacement without pre-calibration.
• CSA, CSA/US approved – meets safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement.