Pirani/Ion Controller

Passive gauge controller (PGC) to display pressure and offer an intuitive interface for the user alongside the ability to control remotely. The PGC202 which covers the Pressure range of 10-12 to 1000 mbar, in conjunction with Pirani and Ion gauges.
*Supplied with EU and USA Line Cord

  Compact 3 channel operating unit for a pressure range for passive sensors of

o   10-12 to 1000 mbar

  • Automatic switchover from PIRANI operation to

o   UHV sensors either Bayard-Alpert measurement system IG40 BA or extractor measurement System IG40 EX 

  • Measurement cable lengths up to 50 meters
  • Easy to operate
  • Two adjustable switching thresholds with a relay contact for each measurement channel
  • Logarithmic chart recorder output 0-10 V or 2-10 V
  • Wide range power supply 100 - 240 V
  • Unit of pressure selectable between mbar, Torr and Pascal
  • Compact, rugged Penning (CPG) sensor insensitive to operation at high pressures
  • Aligned and temperature compensated Pirani (PRG) sensors
  • Cost-effective replacement sensors and electrodes
  • Error message for each channel, for example in the case of broken filament, defective sensor line or failed plasma discharge
  • Compact benchtop enclosure (1/4 19”, 3 HU) made of metal for installation in front panel cut outs and 19” racks
  • RS 232 interface
  • CE mark
  • RoHS compliant