Pressure Relief


Pressure relief valve has been developed as a safety device to protect vacuum systems from the dangers of over pressure, when back filling with gas.
The overpressure valve can be supplied set for a user specified relief pressure. Once the set pressure is reached the spring pressure is overcome and the poppet will open, once the overpressure situation is relieved the poppet will close again. Once the valve has closed the system can be pumped down to vacuum once more.

Pressure relief valves are available in various sizes, pressure ratings and flange mountings for use on HV systems. Pressure relief devices for use in UHV systems can be found in section 9.5 of this catalogue.

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• deal for protection against system over pressure.
• Viton® sealed.
• Range of pressure settings available.
• Other configurations available on request.


Material  :  St.St. & viton®

Temperature range : -20 to 150°C (200°C*)

Vacuum range  :  Atm to 1×10-8 mbar


* – Increased limit for intermittant use.