Subminiature D Type UHV Ribbon Cables – Connector to Cable

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Subminiature D Type UHV Ribbon Cables – Connector to Cable

UHV Cable Assemblies

Connector to cable UHV ribbon cables are fitted with PEEK subminiature D connectors at one end and non terminated, Kapton® insulated ribbon cable at the other. The female cable connectors mate directly onto the vacuum side of subminiature D feedthroughs  or with the male in-vacuum cable connectors. The ribbon cable is made with Kapton®insulated 28AWG silver plated copper conductors, stranded 7 x 0.127mm. The cables are woven with a PEEK monofilament with a nominal diameter of 0.2mm.
Contact to cable UHV ribbon cables do not include PEEK connectors.

• 7 x 0.127mm (28AWG) wires woven into a ribbon cable.
• PEEK monofilament weave.
• UHV compatible.
• Custom lengths available.

Voltage  :  Signal
Current  :  Signal
        Conductors  :  Silver plated copper.
        Insulation  :  Type F Kapton® film
        Braid / weave  :  PEEK
        In-vacuum connector2  :  PEEK
Temperature Range1  :  -75°C to 250°C
Kapton® Properties
        Dielectric constant  :  2.9
        Dielectric strength  :  80kV/mm
        Dissipation factor, 1MHz  :  0.002
        Initial tear  :  13.4kg/mm
        Elongation  :  50%
        Moisture absorbtion :  0.4% @ 50% RH
        Radiation resistance :  109 Rads

1 – Assembly rating is reduced to that of the lowest rated component.
2 – PEEK is a polyetheretherketone thermoplastic.