Subminiature D Type Air Side Cable Female to Male

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Subminiature D Type Air Side Cables & Connectors

Air service cable assemblies are 3m (10 feet) long and terminated with industry standard moulded male / female subminiature D connectors. These cables have straight through pin-to-pin wiring. Please contact our sales office for special cable assembly configurations.

Air service connectors accept up to 20AWG wires. Contacts are gold plated and the shell has a tin finish. Plastic subminiature D hoods are a one piece, unshielded design with long knurled thumb screws, a side snaplock and a metal screw down strain relief.

Gender changers are offered for use with subminiature D feedthroughs with male pins on both sides, to correct pin numbering to the standard subminiature D configuration. Pin 1 reverses position from vacuum side to air side due to the male-to-male configuration. Air service gender changers are made with Delrin® material.