Sapphire UV Viewports

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These viewports employ a synthetic single crystal sapphire as the window material. Single crystal synthetic sapphire displays very different optical, physical and thermal characteristics depending upon the direction of the axis of the crystal structure. Sapphire viewports are offered as standard with the crystal axis at 90°, i.e. parallel to the surface of the viewport. 0° crystal orientation versions are available upon request

• UHV Compatible.
• Bakeable to 450°C.
• Window material is cut at right angles to optical axis. (Parallel available on request).

Window : Sapphire, single crystal
Carrier : Kovar®
Flanges : St.St.

Max. Bakeout Temperature* : 
CF flanged viewports : 250°C
KF flanged viewports : 150°C
Weldable viewports : 450°C

Max. Thermal Gradient : 25°C per minute

Optical properties
Crystal orientation : 0-90°
Surface finish : 50/20 scratch/dig
UV transmission @ 250nm (external) : 50%
parallelism : <3 arc minutes
* – Assembly rating is reduced to that of the lowest rated component.