Standard 7056 Kodial Glass Viewports


The standard range of viewports mounted on CF, ISO-KF & ISO-LF flanges employ 7056 Kodial glass as the window material. The window itself is sealed into a Kovar® carrier which is subsequently welded into the host flange. Due to the Kovar® alloy standard viewports are magnetic. Standard viewports can be baked to a maximum of 400°C (dependant upon host flange). Due to differing coefficients of thermal expansion of the materials used in construction, a maximum temperature gradient of 3°C per minute should be adhered to during heating and cooling.

• General purpose for HV & UHV applications.
• Broad transmission range.
• Bakeable to 350°C.
• Lead Glass shielded versions available.
• Non-magnetic versions available.

Window : 7056 Kodial Glass
Carrier : Kovar®
Flanges : 304L St.St.

Max. Bakeout Temperature* : CF Flanges using copper gaskets 350°C
                                         KF Flanges Using Viton® gaskets 150°C 
Max. Thermal Gradient : 3°C per minute
* – Assembly rating is reduced to that of the lowest rated component.