Edwards CXS Dry Screw vacuum pump provides fast performance, excellent vacuum levels, plug and play installation, small footprint, advanced local and remote control and communications, and up to five years between general maintenance. It is a very compact and efficient chemical dry vacuum pump with low utility consumption and reduced noise levels. It can be supplied as a standalone primary pump or in combination with a Roots pump. The CXS is a smart investment combining great performance with low overall running and maintenance costs.

Pumping Speeds
From 160 to 250 m3/h

Final Pressure
Up to 2x10-2 mbar

Special Versions
Medium Duty, Harsh Duty

With down to 64 dB(A) and very low vibration levels, it is ideal for indoor installation.


Excellent vacuum levels for primary pump and Roots booster combinations.

Dry Mechanism
Ideal to replace oil-sealed or liquid ring pumps, with better vacuum levels.

Low Maintenance
With up to 5 years between general maintenance in 24/7 continuous operation.

Robust & Efficient
Flexible configuration to meet requirements for easy as well as harsh applications.

Smart & Connected
Offering you a wide range of local and remote control and communication options.

CXS pump sizes

Peak pumping speed

Capacity at 10 mbar

Ultimate vacuum

Noise with silencer

Power consumption @ 10mbar

Inlet connection







Edwards CXS




< 0.02



3" / DN80

Edwards CXS




< 0.015



3" / DN80

Robust Mechanism

Double-ended shaft support

With bearing support on both ends, the non-cantilever design provides a secure rotor support for extremely low vibration and superior starting reliability, especially on harsh processes. Tests have been carried out to demonstrate its superior liquid and powder handling capability, with five liters of water slug and one kilogram of fine powder slug respectively.

Environmentally Friendly

The CXS achieves very low noise and vibration levels, which is a benefit to the surrounding environment, in addition to ocuppying a very reduced footprint. Its motor size allows for sufficient power during start-up and becomes very efficient at low pressures, and the stand-by mode allows to keep the pump running between process batches with power consumptions below 1kW even with the booster combination, while using minimal cooling water and purge gas.

Pump or Complete System

The Edwards CXS chemical dry vacuum pump can be supplied as a stand-alone primary vacuum pump or in combination with a Roots booster in a turn-key package. And, with a wide range of standard accessories, it can be fully configured to match the precise requirements of light, medium and very harsh application alike. Additional smart booster units can be mounted on top for even greater pumping capacities.

Communications & Controls

Full On-board Controller

Edwards' CXS chemical dry vacuum pump is equipped as standard with an on-board controller that allows start and stop of the pump as well as stand-by or "green mode" and an emergency stop button. An optional vPDT (Virtual Pump Display Terminal) can be connected locally to obtain and configure a number of pump operation and accessory parameters.

Remote Control & Communication

The Edwards CXS dry pump allows a different number of standard and optional communication options such as ethernet, SIM protocol, Profibus etc., and can also be configured using simple hard-wired contacts for control via the customers PLC or DCS with both input and output signals. A virtual PDT (Pump Display Terminal) is also available to control and communicate with the pump via a remote PC.

Plug & Pump

The Edwards CXS chemical dry vacuum pump comes fully equipped with logic and safety elements to substantially reduce the installation and programming costs associated with a vacuum system. A variable speed drive is also included and allows for speed and pressure control via a built-in PID control loop. Pump cleaning and flushing can also be automatically programmed for minimum operator intervention and maximum reliability.

Built-in Sequences

The Edwards CXS chemical dry vacuum pump is integrated with a pump controller and inverter and a programmable number of control sequences to fit your requirements.
You are able to easily customise your pump start-up, shut-down, second speed, automated pump cleaning for dirty applicatinos, PID pressure control and stand-by mode to achieve maximum energy savings. All of the above will save customer programming time and cost and can be adapted to each individual application.

Performance Curves

  • CXS160/250
  • CXS160 Combinations
  • CXS250 Combinations

Pumping speed curves for CXS160 and CXS250

Pumping speed curves for CXS160 and EH combinations

Pumping speed curves for CXS250 and EH combinations

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