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Edwards' EDS Dry Screw vacuum pump helps customers obtain better product quality and increased productivity through better vacuum levels and faster, more reliable vacuum performance, while saving electricity and ownership costs and eliminating residual oil or contaminated water effluents.

The Edwards EDS dry vacuum pump provides fast performance, excellent vacuum levels in a small footprint, and is highly tolerant to contaminants and particles present in the harshest chemical vacuum applications, with low running maintenance costs.

Pumping Speeds
200, 300 m3/h

Final Pressure
0.05, 0.01 mbar

Direct Water Cooled, Indirect Water Cooled

The EDS dry pump is an oil, water and steam free running system.


Excellent vacuum levels, even with Gas Ballast. Fast pump down from atmospheric pressure.

Dry Mechanism
Ideal to replace oil-sealed or liquid ring pumps, with better vacuum levels.

Low Maintenance
Conventional industrial maintenance with yearly oil changes and up to 3-year bearing changes.

Flexible configuration to meet requirements for easy as well as harsh applications.

Low Power
Effective vacuum generation with low power requirements vs traditional technologies.

Technical Data Summary

Peak Pumping speed

Ultimate pressure

Full load power at ultimate pressure

Noise Level

Operating temperature

ATEX classification

Inlet connection

Exhaust connection









< 0.05



-20 to +40

T3 / T4








-20 to +40

T3 / T4



Performance & Reliability

Product Quality & Repeatability

Better vacuum levels result in better end-product quality for many customers thanks to lower contamination levels and/or lower product processing temperatures that help preserve the properties of the raw material.
Repeatable vacuum performance is desirable for any production environment. Factors like oil/water temperature or condition, that are necessary in oil-sealed and liquid ring vacuum pumps as a sealant for the compression mechanism, do not affect dry running vacuum pumps.

Simple, Robust Mechanism

The rotors of the EDS chemical dry vacuum pump are simply supported by bearings at both ends of the rotor. This more robust double-ended shaft support provides a secure rotor support and superior strength when handling build-up of process contaminants, and increased ability to be able to flush clean the pumping mechanism during process or at the end of a process.
The EDS patented screw rotor design provides a stable thermal distribution during the path of compression and allows internal temperature control to avoid condensation and polymerisation of process material. The two rotors are coupled by simple gears.

Vapour & Particles Handling

The EDS achieves very low noise and vibration levels, which is a benefit to the surrounding environment, in addition to occupying a very reduced footprint. Its motor size allows for sufficient power during start-up and becomes very efficient at low pressures, and the stand-by mode allows to keep the pump running between process batches with power consumptions below 1kW even with the booster combination, while using minimal cooling water and purge gas.

Pump Internal Cleaning

Thanks to the robust design and double-ended support of the rotors, the EDS internal mechanism can be cleaned during a process or at the end of a process batch to remove process material even for the harshest processes. The pump can be flushed or soaked automatically without the need for manual internal cleaning of the rotors and stators.

Effective Sealing Mechanism

Edwards has developed proprietary sealing mechanisms for all of its dry pumps and provide the most effective vacuum pump sealing technologies in the market. Sealing of the oil box and bearings is provided by a combination of internal elements and the purging of seals with Nitrogen of CDA (clean dry air).

Unlike other pumps, the supply of purge gas is a non-critical element on the EDS, meaning that the occasional failure of reduction of purge gas flow will not result in damaged electronics or motors.

Sustainability & Energy Efficiency

The EDS dry-running chemical vacuum pumps help reduce the environmental footprint generated by vacuum pumps. In comparison to oil-sealed or liquid-ring vacuum pumps, the pump does not results in waste oil generation and treatment nor in a contaminated water effluent respectively. In addition to this, dry pumps enable the recovery of uncontaminated and many times valuable process gases.

In addition to the low power consumption of the EDS vacuum pump relative to wet technologies, the EDS vacuum pump can be used in combination with a motor inverter for pressure control as well as stand-by operation, allowing increased reliability while consuming very little power.

Direct/Indirect Cooled Options

Edwards EDS chemical dry vacuum pump is supplied with direct water cooling, or indirect cooling for temperature control. Internally, the EDS is built with large-bore cooling channels that allows for lower quality cooling water supply.


We have the capability to supply individual vacuum pumps and complete turnkey vacuum systems including hardware, controls and expert technical and service support.
In the simplest expression, the EDS chemical dry vacuum pump can be supplied as a primary pump only or in combination with a booster pump in a compact footprint.

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