GV Series Dry Claw

The GV series are specifically designed for your demanding industrial applications offering consistent and repeatable performance. Its ability to operate continuously at high-pressure levels makes it the most cost-effective introduction to dry pumping.

Packaged into two products, the GV80 and GV110, these pumps are designed to handle large volumes of condensable vapours and particulate loads for a consistent pumping performance you can rely on, with minimal service intervention and a low cost of ownership.

Pumping Speeds
80, 110, 390 m3/h

Final Pressure
6 x 10-3, 3x10-2, 3x10-3mbar

Eliminating frequent oil changes and waste oil disposal


Consistent Output
Providing delivery of repeatable pumping performance

High tolerance of process dust and particles

Low cost of ownership
With clean, quiet pumping and minimal service disruption

Continuous operation with the ability to handle large volumes of condensable vapours

Proven Industry
Specifically designed for demanding industrial applications

Technical Data Summary

Peak Pumping speed

Ultimate pressure

Full load power at ultimate pressure

Noise Level

Inlet / Outlet connection







<3 x10-2



ISO40 / NW40



< 6 x 10-3



ISO40 / NW40



< 3 x 10-3



ISO100 / NW40

Performance & Reliability

Product Quality & Repeatability

Better vacuum levels result in better end-product quality for many customers thanks to lower contamination levels and/or lower product processing temperatures that help preserve the properties of the raw material.
Repeatable vacuum performance is desirable for any production environment. Factors like oil/water temperature or condition, that are necessary in oil-sealed and liquid ring vacuum pumps as a sealant for the compression mechanism, do not affect dry running vacuum pumps.

Simple, Robust Mechanism

GV pumps are based on Edwards' oil-free, non-contacting, award-winning, reverse claw mechanism technology. This robust mechanism has been specifically designed to provide stable operation for heavy-duty applications even with variable process conditions. It has been tried, tested and proven by the industry over thousands of chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical installations worldwide and represent the dry vacuum pump standard for many customers worldwide.


Vapour & Particles Handling

The GV Series achieve very low noise and vibration levels, which is a benefit to the surrounding environment, in addition to occupying a very reduced footprint. Its motor size allows for sufficient power during start-up and becomes very efficient at low pressures, and the stand-by mode allows to keep the pump running between process batches with power consumptions below 1kW even with the booster combination, while using minimal cooling water and purge gas.

The latest industrial dry claw pump

The GV110 vacuum pump includes all the features of the GV80 and offers additional features including an integrated variable speed drive technology to meet process demand, modern acoustic enclosure for a quieter operation and improved pumping performance that is able to operate continuously at high-pressure levels.

Drystar® GV configured packages

Standard configured packages are available based on the GV offering additional features, the Drystar®. These standard options are available as a pump only option or combined with the EH500 hydrokinetic drive mechanical booster offering 500m3/h for applications where increased pumping speed and/or lower vacuum levels are required.

• Pre-configured pumping systems enabling ease of installation and operation
• Packages and pumping systems suitable for a wide range of applications and environments
• Packages configured for hydrocarbon or PFPE lubrication (fluid Included)

Sustainability & Energy Efficiency

The GV series vacuum pumps help reduce the environmental footprint generated by vacuum pumps. In comparison to oil-sealed or liquid-ring vacuum pumps, the pump does not result in waste oil generation and treatment nor in a contaminated water effluent respectively. In addition to this, dry pumps enable the recovery of uncontaminated and many times valuable process gases.

Service and Support

To ensure your GV110 and GV80 pump and system maintains optimal performance and reliability, we offer a wide range of service solutions, tailored to meet your needs. From Field Service intervention to Managed Maintenance agreements, we will take care of your pump to ensure that it continues to deliver clean, consistent, efficient performance, with lower running cost and optimum total cost of ownership for its entire operating life.


Performance Curve

Pumping speed curves for GV80 and Drystar® GV80/EH500

Pumping speed curves for GV110 and GV110/EH500