nXRi Dry Multi Stage Roots

Edwards has revolutionised the vacuum pump market with the new nXRi high performance, compact, air-cooled dry pump. It delivers unrivalled pumping speeds in the most compact package, with pumping speeds of 30 and 120 m3/h. The nXRi's lower input power and zero maintenance create real performance improvements and cost benefits across a range of applications.

Ideal for Scientific R&D, Analytical Instruments and some Industrial applications, customers will enjoy the design flexibility, oil-free and low maintenance features.

The pump can be easily integrated into most vacuum systems for a ready to go vacuum solution, and is perfect for many applications such as mass spectrometry, electron microscopy and leak detection.

Pumping Speeds
30, 40, 60, 90 and 120 m3/h

Final Pressure
0.03 mbar

High Performance
High peak speeds for optimum performance, gas ballast, and continuous operation at any pressure

Compact Design
Unrivalled pumping speeds in the most compact package, with integrated wheels for easy repositioning

Zero Maintenance
With no oil or seal change, up to five years without any service costs or service downtime

Zero Contamination
Dry mechanism for oil and dust free vacuum generation, and low noise and vibration levels

Energy Efficiency
Highly energy efficient with up to 55% energy saving vs competitor pumps

Smart & Connected
Integrated dashboard for pump control and status monitoring with serial and parallel communication

Technical Data Summary

Peak Pumping speed

Ultimate pressure

Power at ultimate pressure

Noise Level

Inlet / Outlet connection












NW25 / NW25







NW25 / NW25







NW40 / NW25







NW40 / NW25







NW40 / NW25


Performance & Efficiency

Product Quality & Performance

The nXRi delivers four times more pumping speed than similar-sized dry pumps.
The high-speed multi-stage Edwards' roots mechanism provides high pumping speeds and can be run continuously at any pressure.

A manual, easy-to-use gas-ballast knob is integrated on the front control panel for applications where water vapour pumping capability is required.

Zero Contamination

The high-speed multi-stage Edwards' roots pumping mechanism provides an oil-free and dust-free clean vacuum environment. It contributes to a pleasant working environment free of oil, smells and particulates, and with very low noise and vibration levels, and low amounts of ambient heat dissipation.

The nXRi is highly energy efficient and uses up to 55% less energy than competitor pumps. It employs the newest electric motor technology and electrical power consumption at low pressures is only around 450W.

Gas Ballast

The nXRi incorporates an easy-to-operate manual gas ballast switch on the front of the pump to help reduce the potential of condensation inside the pump in applications where condensable vapours, such as water vapour, are present.

As an option, the manual gas ballast switch can be replaced with a 1/4" quick connect adapter for inert gas ballast supply by the customer.

Additionally, a gas ballast blanking plug accessory is also available for applications where the gas ballast port wants to be safely closed, for applications such as special gas recirculation.

Zero Maintenance

The nXRi is routine-maintenance free. There are no required routine oil nor seal changes, and can go up to five years without any service costs or service down-times.

Compact Design

The nXRi occupies a very reduced footprint and is 40% smaller compared to alternative dry pumps, with only 22x27x46cm (see dimensions below)

It can be easily positioned under a bench-top or elsewhere saving valuable space in your laboratory. And at under 30 kg, and thanks to its integrated wheels, it is highly portable.

Control & Communications

The nXRi integrates a fully capable on-board controller with a local control panel, allowing options such as start-stop, speed-pressure analogue control, stand-by mode, auto-run optional mode - for automatically re-starting the pump after a power failure e.g. for backing turbos - and LED lights to indicate pump status.
On the back of the pump a 15-pin d-sub connector is fitted as standard for serial and parallel remote monitoring and control of all the pump functions or to control external accessories such as an inlet isolation valve.

Easy to Use, Easy to Install

The nXRi is compact, air-cooled, single-phase, mobile, easy-to-use and easy-to-install vacuum pump. The pump is fitted as standard with the following:
- Non-return valve
- Gas-ballast control
- Silencer
- Local Control Panel
- Serial/Parallel Monitoring & Control
- Wheels


Performance Curve

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