Edwards nXDS Dry Scroll pump provides excellent vacuum levels, vapour pumping capability while been quiet and offering ultra-low maintenance intervals that even the customer can carry out. Overall it provides superior performance and reliability together with very low running and maintenance costs. The nXDS is a smart investment combining great performance with low overall running and maintenance costs.

Pumping Speeds
6, 10, 15, 20 m3/h

Final Pressure
Up to 7x10-3 mbar

Special Versions
Chemical, Atex, Gas Recirculation

With only 52 dB(A) and very low vibration levels, it is the ideal laboratory primary pump.

With unique vacuum levels now comparable to oil-sealed rotary vane pumps.

Totally Dry
The nXDS uses a patented bellows isolation mechanism making it totally dry.

Low Maintenance
Tip seal changes from 2.5 years under 24/7 operation, and bearing changes every 5 years.

Vapour Handling
With up to 240 g/h of vapour pumping capability and a robust mechnism.

Smart & Connected
Offering you a wide range of local and remote control and communication options.

Technical Data Summary

Pumping capacity

Final vacuum without GB

Final vacuum with GB

Water vapour capacity

Noise level



6.2 m³/h

2x10-2 mbar

5x10-2 mbar

110 g/h

<52 dB(A)



11.4 m³/h

7x10-3 mbar

4x10-2 mbar

145 g/h

<52 dB(A)



15.1 m³/h

7x10-3 mbar

4x10-2 mbar

240 g/h

<52 dB(A)



22.0 m³/h

3x10-2 mbar

6x10-2 mbar

220 g/h

<52 dB(A)

Robust Mechanism

Hermetic Bellows

The nXDS incorporates Edwards' patented and long established, truly dry, hermetically sealed mechanism of the XDS series. Hermetic sealing ensures that the vacuum environment is not contaminated by bearing lubricant and, conversely, the bearings are not contaminated by process gas being pumped.
For more aggressive applications, 'C' variants are available which feature Chemraz internal valves and stainless steel fittings for extra protection from the pumped media.

Integrated Non-return valve

The nXDS features an integrated non-return valve to protect your system from being vented in case of an electrical or power supply failure. In addition, the non-return valve will also protect you from mechanical failure which would normally go undetected by purely solenoid isolation valves.

Gas Ballast & Gas Recirculation

The nXDS comes as standard with a manual, easy to use, gas ballast port, allowing you to effortlessly switch from closed to open position allowing you to follow the best practices of primary vacuum pump operation.
A no-gas-ballast 'R' variant is available for specialist applications such as gas recirculation, rare gas pumping and recovery or other applications where the dilution of the pumped gas in undesirable, or where sealing is integral to minimising potential gas loss.

Communications & Controls

Full On-board Controller

The nXDS integrates a fully capable on-board controller with a local control panel, allowing options such as start-stop, speed-pressure control, stand-by mode, auto-run for backing turbos and LED lights to indicate when the next service is due. The service intervals are optimised and calculated from a combination of run-hours, number of starts, operating pressure and temperature parameters, to give you prolonged and more accurate recommended service intervals.

Remote Communication

The nXDS allows a wide range of control and communication options. Parallel remote from your own control system via the 15 way d-sub connector giving you the sane START, STOP and STANDBY with the option of analogue speed control.
Serial communication remote through RS232 or RS485 with a choice of Edwards' proprietary 'DX' protocol or industry standard Modbus protocol. Edwards software provides customers additional diagnostics and monitoring options, as well as the possibility to see when the next recommended service is due. Communication is also possible through Labview.

Your Turbo's Best Friend

A perfect companion for your turbomolecular pump, the nXDS keeps things dry while providing excellent backing pressures and backing capacities for your turbo pump to deliver it's best performance. its integrated non-return valve will protect modern turbos from electrical or mechanical failures. And thanks to the "auto-run" feature, you can activate an option for the dry backing pump to re-start automatically in case of a momentary power supply failure to your system.

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