Edwards launches new in-house designed compact Pirani Gauge

Edwards launch the new APG200 series high performance Pirani Gauge, with compact size and easy maintenance, bringing real performance improvements and cost benefits across a range of applications.

Edwards APG200 pirani gauge

Edwards new APG200 pirani gauge

Variants will offer filament material options for corrosive environments, with measurement from atmosphere to 5x10⁻⁴ (M or MP) or 1x10⁻⁴ (LC). Combined with the in-house designed electronics, this has enabled Edwards to maximise the filament length, whilst reducing the overall package size, leading to increased sensitivity.

Building on the success of the APG100 series, the focus is on giving a reliable measurement, in a reduced size. This enables the APG200 to fit into smaller spaces, reducing the overall footprint of equipment with no impact on performance.

Edwards is significantly expanding the flexibility with the APG200, with more flange types and outputs than ever before to enable easy integration to existing systems without the need for software/hardware updates.

With a range of upgrades and feature enhancements, the APG200 is suitable for all vacuum markets, from Analytical instruments who can take advantage of the reduced size and flexible outputs, to Semiconductor for whom the new interfaces and light rings enable better maintenance of systems, to Research and development for whom the local pressure indication helps to monitor experiments away from the main interfaces.

"The development of the APG200 once again puts Edwards at the forefront of vacuum measurement. The reduced footprint and increased performance envelope deliver accurate and reliable measurement from our gauges. This will enable us to support efficiency gains at our customers for years to come" Oliver Rudge , Global Product Manager


Further information on the new Edwards APG200 at https://www.ibericavacuum.com/pages/edwards-apg

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