P3 Handheld Pressure Gauge

The Edwards P3 handheld measuring system is the essential device for on-site service calls and on the spot flexible checking. Thanks to the easy use and integrated measurement data memory, pressures can be directly measured at different locations for monitoring the application. Owing to the advanced measuring range of the high-precision Piezo Pirani sensor, pressure measurement in the range of 1200 to 5x10⁻⁴ mbar can be displayed.

With the integrated battery, the device can be attached and operated at any pressure measuring point, and directly display or store up to 2,000 values for later evaluations and visualisations. All data values stored can be exported and displayed on a computer via USB link and by means of the optional software. The software is especially useful for setting up the devices or calculating rises in pressure for detecting rough leaks.

The accessory carry case, which provides storing and transport protection for the P3 gauge, includes; VacuGraphTM software, spare battery, USB link, mains power adaptor, with each having its own dedicated space in the case.

Tecnical Data

Measurement principle

Measurement range

Pressure units displayed

Measurement accuracy

1200 - 10 mbar

10-2- 10-3mbar

<2 x 10-3mbar

Materials in contact with vacuum

Gas type correction factor

Measurement cycle

Data storage






approx. %






Piezo-resistive (gas type independent) and thermal conductance Pirani

1200 to 5x10-4

mbar, Torr, microns, Pa

±0.3 of full-scale

10 of measured value

< factor 2 of measured value

Stainless steel, gold, tungsten, nickel, glass, fluoroelastomer

Ar, CO2 , He, CO, H2 , N2 , Kr


1 to 6000


60 x 120 x 61


Features & Benefits

Portable Vacuum Gauge

Piezo-resistive and thermal conductance Pirani

Integrated Pressure Display

mbar, Torr, microns, Pa

1200 to 5x10⁻⁴ mbar range

With gas type correction factors (Ar, CO2, He, CO, H2, N2, Kr)

Data storage & measurement Software

Able to store and display up to 2000 measured values

Battery powered or power supply

100 hr Li, 40 hr Alkali

Usage in vacuum is possible