nEXT TIC Cart XL is a large volume turbomolecular pumping station, fully mobile, and is required where fast, reliable pump down to low pressure is essential.

Configurable with turbomolecular pump speeds ranging from 240 to 930 ls-1 and choice of dry backing nXRi multistage roots pumps that enables the range to pump from 30 to 90 m3 h-1. All our nEXT turbomolecular pumping stations feature an integrated TIC turbo
and instrument controller offering full control of the package via a simple intuitive interface.

Supplied fully assembled and ready to run straight out of the box providing a customer friendly interface using only one power cable. As fully featured high end stations they include RS232 serial communications and Windows® software for monitoring and control.

Plug & Pump
With the latest technological advances for easy installation and operation.

Fully Controllable
control of pumps and up to 3 Active gauges as well as offering full serial remote communications

Easy to use
fully assembled
and ready to go for quick and easy operation

All combinations of primary pumps and turbos can be serviced by the end-user

Quiet Operation
Backing pump mounted on anti-vibration mounts for low levels of transmitted vibration

Multiple Options
Choose turbo pumps, dry backing pumps and inlet flanges that best suits your application

R&D > Primary Vacuum Pumps > Oil sealed Rotary Vane Pumps

This wide range of rugged pumps offers an excellent ultimate with good pumping speed. RV pumps have superior vapour handling capabilities, while operating quietly.

3.3 - 12 m3/h


0.75 - 27.5 m3/h

to 1x10-3mbar

Tecnical Data

Inlet Connection

Forevacuum connection

Inlet pumping speed N2

Ultimate pressure mbar



DN 25 ISO-KF (NW25)

240 l/s





DN 25 ISO-KF (NW25)

300 l/s





DN 25 ISO-KF (NW25)

390 l/s





DN 25 ISO-KF (NW25)

730 l/s





DN 25 ISO-KF (NW25)

930 l/s



Design & Engineering

Performance & Reliability

The nEXT turbomolecular pumping station (TIC Cart XL) is configurable with turbomolecular pump speeds ranging from 240 to 930 ls-­¹.

Edwards nEXT turbomolecular vacuum pumps combine turbopump stages with followed by a drag stage(s) on the same shaft. It is a compound pump, employing a new mechanism, which offers greater reliability and even better light gas pumping and compression ratios.

nEXT turbomolecular vacuum pumps combine permanent upper magnetic levitation suspension with lower ceramic bearings. They are available in pumping speeds ranging from 240 to 930l/s and flanges sizes from DN100 to DN200 (ISO or CF).

Full end-user serviceability

Edwards nEXT turbomolecular vacuum pumps combine permanent upper magnetic bearings with lower ceramic bearing using a patented bearing suspension system that minimises noise and vibration transmitted to the vacuum system.

An oil lubrication cartridge change can be performed where fitted, the lower bearings have a typical lifetime of at least 4 years without maintenance, after which they can be replaced simply and economically by the customer or by Edwards Iberica Vacuum.

Communications & Controls

TIC Controller

The reference pressure gauges are connected and controlled via a TIC instrument controller. The TIC instrument controller is equipped with an intuitive easy-to-use graphical interface via a touch sensitive panel. The results can be observed on the TIC controller or connected via RS232/485 for control and data monitoring on a remote PC.

The TIC (Turbo and Instrument Controller) provides total system control and automatically recognises and supports the nEXT Turbo pumps, plus up to three Edwards active gauges. Cooling and vent valve support is provided directly from the controller. The TIC controllers also control backing pumps, either directly or via the relay box. Time delays and normal speed signals may be used to control events such as turbo start and there is a comprehensive selection of protection and safety interlock features. The TIC turbo controller can either be rack or bench mounted and provides a useful hub for the flexible operation of a wide range of vacuum system configurations.

Backing Pump


The Edwards nXRi is a high performance, compact, air-cooled dry pump. It delivers unrivalled pumping speeds in the most compact package, with pumping speeds of 30 and 90 m3/h. The nXRi's lower input power and zero maintenance create real performance improvements and cost benefits across a range of applications.

The pump can be easily integrated into most vacuum systems for a ready to go vacuum solution, and is perfect for many applications such as mass spectrometry, electron microscopy and leak detection.