Edwards Vacuum Gauges and Controllers

We supply a wide range of vacuum measurement instrumentation for R&D as well as industrial applications. All our gauges are specialised for vacuum measurement - pressures below atmospheric pressure - and provide accurate, reliable and repeatable absolute pressure readings so that you can focus on your experiment or process.

Analogue Vacuum Gauges

We provide high-accuracy analogue pressure gauges that are designed specifically for vacuum.
Depending on your vacuum level, there are specific models that can provide you with better resolution in a specific range of interest: 0-1000 mbara; 0-120 mbara; 0-50 mbara; 0-25 mbara.
These analogue gauges provide always-on pressure reading - they don't use without electronics, batteries or electrical supply - and can be used as a quick reference for many vacuum applications above 1 mbar.

Digital Active Gauges

Digital vacuum gauges are necessary when a digital display or output signal is required and/or when pressures below 1 mbara or even 10 mbara are required, none of which analogue gauges can provide.
There are many types of digital vacuum gauges, and the selection depends on factors such as what is the application; what is pressure range and what accuracy/resolution is required. Digital active gauges have on-board electronics for output signals and communication.

Digital Passive Gauges

Passive digital vacuum gauges are used in special applications where the installation environment or the technical specification requires that the gauge head does not include any electronics. For example, in installations where the gauge is exposed to radiation that would affect any on-board electronics.

Barocel Vacuum Gauges

Barocel capacitance manometers are built for superior vacuum measurement performance. They provide high pressure accuracy, stability, repeatability, and a direct measurement of overall total pressure, independent of the gas mixture being used.
Each gauge provides high accuracy over 3 decades and are maintenance-free, with heatable and corrosion resistant versions available.

Displays and Controllers

ADC Active Digital Controller

The Active Digital Controller (ADC) is a compact single gauge controller and display. It automatically recognises compatible Edwards gauges: APG100, APGXH and WRG.

ADC Enhanced

The Active Digital Controller (ADC) is a compact dual gauge controller and display. It automatically recognises compatible Edwards gauges: APG100, APGXH, WRG, and AIM.
It can control two gauges of the same type and has RS232 interface and analog output, and two set-point relays.

TIC Instrument Controller

The TIC instrument controller offers control and display of up to 6 compatible Edwards gauges (APG100, APGXH, WRG, AIM, AIGX and Barocel) It features an RS232 and analog output, six set-point relays and full Windows software for control and data logging functionality.
The unit may be either rack or bench mounted and provides a useful hub for the flexible operation of a wide range of vacuum system configurations, and can be integrated into your wider netowrk using the LABVIEW driver.

Passive Gauge Controllers

The PGC 201 and PGC202 passive gauge controllers are compact 3-channel operating units for a pressure range for passive sensors.
They feature automatic switch-over, adjustable relay switching, cable lengths of up to 50m and many other

Our Instrumentation products

The following Chart shows most of our gauges . Click on their picture to know more about them:



2.000 -
1.333 -
1.000 -
500 -
100 -
65 -
10 -
1 -
10-1 -
10-2 -
10-3 -
10-4 -
10-5 -
10-6 -
10-7 -
10-8 -
10-9 -
10-10 -
10-11 -
10-12 -
- 2.000
- 1.333
- 1.000
- 500
- 100
- 65
- 10
- 1
- 10-1
- 10-2
- 10-3
- 10-4
- 10-5
- 10-6
- 10-7
- 10-8
- 10-9
- 10-10
- 10-11
- 10-12


* Approximate values, not to scale. Refer to individual pump specifications prior to selection.

Service Solutions

We understand that vacuum is unique and different for each process. We can provide you support from product repair to custom service solutions.

Our specialized team wil study each case to increase the lifetime of your sytems. They can even apply the principles of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of things to reduce the cost of your vacuum system.

Iberica Vacuum specialises in the supply and service of vacuum pumps and associated equipment in Spain and Portugal. The company was founded in 2007 and since then was the official distributor for leading vacuum supplier Edwards Vacuum's products and services, and Gamma Vacuum. On April 2021, Iberica Vacuum joined Edwards, part of Atlas Copco group.

Our Goals

Our Goal is to provide world-class support, products and service to our customers in the Iberian Market, and support and contribute in the transformation of associated research and production sectors, both in the development and application of technology as well as in the relationships between our team, customers, collaborators and environment.