Passive Pirani Gauge
(1000 - 5x10⁻⁴ mbar)

Body Material

Edwards Passive Pirani Gauge Sensors are available in 3 models. The PRG20K-NW16 Al is improved temperature compensation, the PRG20K-DN16CF SS is overpressure resistant and PRG20CF-NW16 SS is well suited for corrosive processes and water vapour atmospheres.
These passive gauges offer a solution for measuring pressure in a wide range of applications, from UHV systems to process industries or wherever the use of an active gauge is not possible e.g. Cyclotrons and thermal conductivity technology according to Pirani.

Features and benefits
• Measurement range 5 x 10⁻⁴ to 1000 mbar (3.8 x 10⁻⁴ to 750 Torr)
• Tungsten or platinum filament
• Cost-effective sensing cell
• Fully aligned and temperature compensated 0 to +40 °C
• Constant filament temperature