BURGESS HILL, UK. – Edwards is launching a new range of robust, single stage dry claw vacuum pumps. The EDC range is built with innovative construction materials and coatings to provide reliable operation in many applications; it can handle harsh conditions and contaminants making it suitable for a diverse range of applications including central vacuum systems, steam sterilization cycles, plastic extrusion or drying and reactor service in the chemical industries.

The EDC claw pumps are designed for robustness and durability, featuring stainless steel claws and a corrosion resistant dry pumping chamber as standard. Their simple design allows for easy maintenance, with quick access to the pumping chamber for cleaning in the event of product carry over. Their modular design allows for flexibility and efficiency in terms of maintenance and life-cycle costs.

The EDC claw pumps provide unrivaled performance with best in class ultimate vacuum level and have the ability to be driven by a proven variable speed drive (VSD) technology, which can provide energy savings of up to 50% compared to fixed speed machines.

Marinella Varallo, Global Marketing Manager, Process Vacuum at Edwards commented, “We are proud to be launching this new EDC claw pump - our single-stage claw pumps are working quietly and efficiently all over the world. We were first to introduce claw technology to vacuum applications in every industry, from high tech electronics to chemical and industrial applications, and our knowledge and experience has led to the development of this low-cost, efficient and reliable claw pump.”

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